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All of our live edge slabs are recovered from the depths of the rivers in Central America. Each log is harvested from rivers where logs were cut down by hand (often 100+ years ago). The majority of these logs have been preserved in the waters where they have been deprived of oxygen for more than a century. The grain, rich patina, and density cannot be replaced with freshly harvested wood. Each is truly a sunken treasure and unique in its own way.

Many of the logs are harvested from the bottom of lagoons, where Teredo’s (a wood eating clam) carve incredible designs into many of the logs. These specimen slabs are the most sought-after because of their unique patterns and one-of-a-kind designs. Many others are from areas of faster moving water and contain nearly flawless grain. All of our logs are kiln dried, cut to size and ready for shipping for your unique project.

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